Copperas Cove police have arrested a man accused of stealing $50,000 dollars in firearms from an area business. Police charged Tyrell Reshard Washington in a January 19th complaint with the theft.

It's a case that goes back to 2016 when Cove Police got a call from a business in the 2900 block of Deer Flad Drive when the owner reported guns from his store to be missing from the stock. EJI Firearms told police they noticed during an audit that Washington had transferred the missing guns to himself without permission.

Tyrell transferred 92 handguns in all from June of 2016 to June of 2017. During a police interview, Washington confessed to taking 84 firearms while he was an employee of EJI. Washington consented to a search of his home which led to the recovery of the weapons.

EJI says they believe all 118 missing guns have been stolen by Washington even though police only found 92. The majority of hose had been "gifted, sold, or traded" by Washington to his associates.

The value of the guns totals more than $50,000.


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