Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has confirmed that the organization has ceased playing the National Anthem before games. Cuban says he made the decision back in November, but the team kept quiet about it and news didn't spread until writers for sports news website The Athletic noticed the song's absence.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and Texas Senator Ted Cruz have both spoken out against the decision on Twitter. CBS News cites The Athletic's article, which reports a source close to Cuban said he made the decision because some in the Mavericks organization feel the anthem "doesn't represent them".

While I'm a big fan of Mark Cuban, I actually disagree with his move.

I feel the players when they say the National Anthem doesn't represent them.

Those who disagree with them should put themselves in the shoes of Black America.

We face police brutality more than any other race and are the recipients of inequality across the board in this country.

On the other hand, I understand how important honoring the flag of this country is to Americans.

So, how about this?

Players who won't stand for the anthem? Let them stay in the locker room.

For those who'll stand, plus the fans, play the anthem.

Your problem is solved.

Instead of criticizing athletes, understand why there is frustration and resistance to honoring the flag during a time when we're taking a critical look at race issues in America.

If you still don't understand, then congratulations: you are part of the problem.

In response to the move by Cuban, the NBA has released a statement stating that all teams "will play the national anthem in keeping with longstanding league policy".

Do you agree with The Mavericks not playing the national anthem?

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