Spring is a busy season for so many in Texas because everything is coming back to life, annoying sales people are making their walking rounds throughout your neighborhood, and just about everyone has a garden project.

Another event also happens in Texas every spring, and that is the reemergence of a vast amount of wildlife. Sure, there are not a whole lot of critters in the Lone Star State that hibernate, plenty of them still do become much more dormant.

What Texas animals do hibernate?


Ground squirrels and prairie dogs are among the animals that actually hibernate, and I really wish field mice would follow suit.

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I snapped 14 mice in my garage this winter, and happy they are no longer seeking shelter among my precious man cave items. Remember, even if the animal did not hibernate during the winter, there is still a very good chance they are hungry, and that means they will look for food anywhere including your yard.

Dangerous And Unexpected Animal Could Now Invade Your Texas Yard

Black Bears have been spotted all around Texas over the years, and there are more than one species that can be seen. To the east you will find the Louisiana Black Bear, and of course the Mexican Black Bear is also quite at home here.

Black Bears are the size of an NLF lineman, and just as hungry. The major difference is bears have a set of kitchen knives for fingernails, and nowhere near the same table manners.

The most common reason you find a bear in your yard is because it's looking for food, and most likely digging through your trash.

Most Dangerous Animals Found in Texas Lakes & Rivers

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Animals You Can Hunt Year Round in Texas

Certain animals can be hunted in the Lone Star State all year round. However, there are still rules put in place by the Texas Parks and Wildlife that have to be followed or you are breaking the law.

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