A woman in Detroit, was declared dead, only to be found alive and breathing hours later.

Southfield Fire & Police Department’s Joint news conference regarding Medical Response to Timesha Beauchamp.

Posted by Southfield Fire Department on Wednesday, August 26, 2020

According to a report from the New York Times, on August 23, Timesha Beauchamp, 20, was declared dead by paramedics after her family called 911 as they noticed Timesha having difficulties breathing.

Timesha was born with Cerebal Palsy and some believe that her unique condition may have caused the confusion that led paramedics to misjudge her diagnosis.

EMS is said to have performed life saving measures for over 30 minutes before an emergency room doctor declared Timesha deceased via phone based on information provided by paramedics.

The Southfield Fire department released the following statement via Facebook:

"The Southfield Fire and Police Departments followed all appropriate city, county and state protocols and procedures in this case. The City of Southfield is currently conducting a thorough internal investigation in addition to the Oakland County Medical Control Authority (OCMCA) which will be reporting their findings to the State of Michigan Bureau of EMS, Trauma and Preparedness (BETP). In an effort to provide as much transparency as possible, more information will be provided as it is available.”

James H. Cole Home for Funerals picked up Timesha after verifying her death with the Oakland County medical examiner’s office. Staff at the funeral home opened the body bag to begin the embalming process, only to find Timesha alive and breathing with her eyes open.

Timesha is believed to have been in the body bag for approximately 2 hours. Currently, Timesha is hospitalized at Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit, where she is said to be in critical condition.

The unfortunate twist in this story? Timesha's godmother is a registered nurse, who told paramedics that she believed Timesha was breathing and felt her pulse. Paramedics dismissed the godmother's findings and said Timesha's movements were simply a side effect of the medicine that had been administered.

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