There are a ton of choices when it comes to chicken finger restaurants in Killeen, Texas.

From Buffalo Wild Wings to Zaxby's to Raising Cane's, there's really no shortage.

But there's one restaurant in Killeen I've noticed always has a long line of cars at the drive-thru no matter what time of day it is. I'm talking, of course, about Slim Chickens. 

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So I decided to stop one day and check them out.

It was so good, I went again and again!


According to their website, their mission is to "make the best hand-breaded chicken fingers using only the freshest ingredients served in a friendly atmosphere where people can feel at home." 

Judging by what I've tasted so far, mission accomplished.

Why I Like Slim Chickens

I like the variety of flavors you get to dip your delicious chicken loins in. By the way, their chicken tenders are marinated in Southern-style buttermilk.

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They have 17 different flavors to choose from such as Ranch and Cayenne Ranch, Honey Mustard, Honey, and Korean BBQ, Hot, Inferno (that's really really hot), and more.

On this day, I tried the Siracha sauce, and that is fried okra on the side!  😋

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Menu Options At Slim Chickens


Their menu offers different options such as Texas Waffles and Chicken 😋

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Check out what else they have to offer!

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Other Slim Chickens Locations in Texas

According to their website, there are 26 locations in Texas including restaurants in Waco, Dallas, Frisco, Amarillo, Lubbock, Tyler, Texarkana, Houston, and many more!


So when you are driving down Clear Creek in Killeen, check out Slim Chickens. Their address is South Clear Creek Road, Building 48830.


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Wow! What I Saw When I Turned Left Inside Buc-ee's In Temple, Texas [PICS]

As the saying goes... everything's bigger in Texas.

Having said that, I've never seen a gas station with more than 50 gas pumps.

Then I visited Buc-ee's.

What is Buc-ee's?

If you don't know or have never visited the popular one-stop highway shop that has over 35 Texas locations in Texas, you need to!

You can get everything in Buc-ee's from gas, to keychains to candles to brisket to goat milk soap and everything in between.

Buc-ee's Has Expanded

According to their site, Buc-ee's, not only has multiple locations here in Texas, they have expanded to southern states like Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.

The World's Largest Buc-ee's Coming Soon

Later this year, Buc-ee's has plans to open "The World's Largest Buc-ee's" located in Sevierville, Tennesse. It will have 120 fuel pumps, a 250-foot car wash, and 74,000 square feet of indoor shopping.

I've Never Turned Left

In almost 7 years, I've been here in Texas, I've never turned left when I went inside a Buc-ee's.

I either walk straight to the bathroom or turn right to get water or gummy bears or chocolate almonds. (I get the same thing every time)

But yesterday, I decided to turn left and (I know I'm late) I was mesmerized!

For starters, I never had a reason to turn left.

I've visited the one in Waller County, Bastrop, and the Temple location.

Every time I've visited Buc-ee's, I've never had a reason to go "shopping" always a bathroom break and then back on the road.

So here are some of the cool things I saw when I turned left at Buc-ee's in Temple, Texas!



5 Sweet Bakeries To Check Out In Killeen, Texas

We all get a sweet tooth every now and then right?

But what do we do when it happens?

Do you go to the kitchen and bake a cake? Maybe hook up some cupcakes?
Cookies? perhaps?

Or do you visit the grocery store or your favorite bakery?

If your choice is to visit your favorite bakery I got a few bakeries that caught my eye that you may want to check out here in the Killeen area, if there's one or two we didn't mention that you go to, by all means, let us know!

In the meantime check out these 5 bakeries in Killeen:

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