When most people see Desiigner in public, he's usually sporting a big smile on his face and seems to be as happy as can be. However, during a recent traffic incident in New York City, the "Panda" rapper is seen as anything but that, as he exposes his genitals to a driver behind him during a dispute.

According to TMZ, police are looking to speak with Desiigner as video footage surfaced of him getting into a heated verbal altercation with people in the car behind him somewhere in the city. During the incident, which seems to have occurred on Jan. 27, the rapper pulls down his pants, exposes his private parts and tells the driver "Suck my dick" two times. Desiigner is triggered by the driver reportedly calling him a homophobic slur prior to the exposure.

The G.O.O.D. Music signee attempts to get back in his vehicle, but the other party continues to berate him after he exposes his genitals. Eventually, the video cuts off just as Desiigner runs up to the driver, attempting to fight him. Men in between the rapper and the driver of the other vehicle separate the two before a fight ensues. There's no word on what happened next, other than that everyone eventually left the scene.

It appears that a traffic cop was on the scene during the incident and both parties involved in this incident left the scene before officials were able to discuss the situation with them. Now, cops are interested in speaking with the "Friday the 13th" rapper about his behavior caught on video.

Check out the footage of Desiigner exposing his genitals in anger during a traffic incident below.

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