The official version of Desiigner's "Timmy Turner" has finally arrived. You can listen to it above. Mike Dean on production.

Back in June, we dropped the Brooklyn MC's 2016 Freshman freestyle, and he took it in a whole new direction. Instead of spitting a verse, he simply recited a hook and snapped his fingers, quickly becoming one of the most viral Freshman freestyles of all time. You can see that below.

Once the freestyle started popping off, producers and Twitter users all over the world began making their own remixes to the song, complete with beats and new rhymes.

Many are banking on "Timmy Turner" to be Desiigner's follow-up hit to "Panda," judging by how huge the freestyle got. Whether or not that's true isn't quite clear, though the freestyle alone is probably his second biggest song to date. Making it a fully fleshed-out record with production and verses is another story.

In late June, Desiigner dropped his New English mixtape, but nothing on that tape has come anywhere close to the popularity of his "Timmy Turner" freestyle. It's something of a mystery, then, that he can make an aca pella hook go viral but can't seem to find another hit song. Perhaps the official version is the one he's been looking for.

Might a remix be in order? Could see Kanye hopping on this, or maybe even Pusha T, but only time will tell.

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