Diddy showed up in the unlikeliest of places -- Drake's Summer Sixteen stop in North Carolina.

The two have been at odds for awhile now. The beef started in 2014, when Diddy reportedly punched Drake for "stealing" a beat from him which ended up being used for Drake's Grammy-nominated hit, "0 to 100."

Drizzy went to Instagram to share his thoughts on the moment.

"They're either talking s--- about you or stealing the s--- you're talking...either way the name been poppin," read the caption of the 2014 post.

But later Diddy denied that he hit Drake on Power 105's The Breakfast Club.

"I did not put hands on Drake and I do not want any problems with Drake...," he said. "That's all I have to say. He's putting in his work. I didn't do nothing to Drake. Drake is my friend."

But that wasn't enough to put an end to the beef apparently. Earlier this year, Drake seemingly dissed Diddy in "4PM in Calabassas." In the track, he makes a lot of references to the Bad Boy CEO.

"The higher I get the less they accept me / Even had the OGs tryna press me, Ha-ha-ha-ha," he raps while mimicking Diddy's laugh on Mase's "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down." But that wasn't all, Drizzy went on to reference Diddy's debut album, No Way Out and his song, "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down."

"No Way Out cause I'm already in it," he rapped. Later he added, "Can't nobody hold me down, especially not right now."

No word on whether or not the beef is over. Perhaps Diddy was just checking out the competition? Only time will tell.

Check out Diddy making his way through the crowd below, and let us know what you think about the situation in the comments.