Goyard now says Khaled made a shirt out of real Goyard scarves, but what he's wearing is not actually a real item. See what they have to say below.

Original Story:

They don't want you to wear real Goyard.

DJ Khaled had his own segment at this year's MTV Video Music Awards this past Sunday (Aug. 28), showing off special guests like Fat Joe and Fabolous.

It seemed like Khaled was rocking some sort of zip-up jacket by high-end fashion brand Boyard, but last night (Aug. 29) A$AP Illz, a fashion-focused member of the Harlem crew, went on Twitter to tell the world Goyard does not actually make clothes. When someone else on Twitter said Khaled sure looked like he was wearing Goyard clothing at the VMAs, the brand's official account responded with a succinct answer: "Total Fake!"

Khaled saw the comments and responded on Twitter this morning (Aug. 30), saying he wears custom Goyard. Peep his response in full below.

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