Icon alert! DJ Khaled went undercover as a Lyft driver named Billi but he was just too recognizable to some of his riders.

At first, each person that got in the cab almost immediately recognized the We The Best leader -- even when he tried to throw them off by telling them his name is Billi. But, they weren't buying it. "This what happens when you're too iconic," said Khaled after getting busted.

He did, however, manage to fool some people, as Khaled got into conversations about his love for jet skis, dreams of walking a lion in New York City and being a sex symbol with his beard. He also told them that he's a locksmith Get it? Because he's got the keys. But as a Lyft driver for the day, Khaled explains that "the key is not to get into an accident" and to "look out for everybody's safety." But then he shares that he "hates red lights" because "they want to slow us down." We hear you, Khaled.

Our favorite part though is when one rider shares that says that Khaled is "a bit much for me" and "real dramatic." Later when Khaled reveals himself, they still go back and forth with Khaled defending himself as "passionate" but she holds her own and continues to call him "dramatic."

Luckily, for the sake of the show, there were a few who were bamboozled. And the end result is hilarious as DJ Khaled reveals himself to be the Snapchat King himself. "I met DJ Khaled and I'm freaking the hell out," says one rider at the end. He also handed out some keys.

Catch out the three minute clip above.

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