Drake was apparently feeling pretty generous over the weekend. According to one fan, Drizzy pulled up to a McDonald's tipped not one, but two employees with $10,000 each.

Tweeting on Saturday (Jan. 26), one Twitter user wrote, "Just saw Drake in McDonald’s... crazy And he gave two female employees $10,000 each... in cash."

Apparently Drake has a thing for the house that Ronald built, as just a few months ago, he provided complimentary McDonald's to all attendees of his Aubrey & The Three Migos Tour after-party at Los Angeles club, Poppy. Cheeseburgers and fries were the menu, in case you were wondering.

Having recently signed a $10 million contract for an upcoming residency in Las Vegas, it's safe to say that the $20,000 he dropped in McDonald's was merely a drop in the bucket for Drizzy.

This latest act of generosity continues Drizzy's lengthy giving streak. A few years ago, Drake bought an entire billboard to send a congratulatory message to Rihanna. About a year later, he gifted both DJ Khaled and baby Asahd matching diamond rings when Asahd was born. Drizzy also reportedly gave Jennifer Lopez a $100,000 necklace. The list goes on and on.

Check out the original tweet about Drake's philanthropy below.

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