Earlier this week, a few fans ran up on Joe Budden in an ill-advised attempt to to film the rapper as he arrived at his house. Now, Drake is getting petty; the 6 God is now following one of the kids on Instagram.

Champagne Papi recently started following the account named ReDaKidProdigy on IG -- the same kid who played with fire by taunting Budden at his place of residence.

The memes that resulted from the Budden versus fans incident have been nothing short of hilarious. But, on a more serious note, how could these kids realize that it might not be a good idea to run up on Budden at his own home? The New Jersey MC proceeded to follow the crazy fans and threaten them and hit their car window with rocks. We're living in a weird, weird world of social media, in which kids are interested in a Snapchat story even if it might end up badly for their health.

The Joe Budden-Drake feud has now been going on for a minute. In case you missed it, be sure to listen to the "Pump it Up" rapper's latest jab -- a song called "Just Because."

Budden spits, "Look, listen, fuck is up with us? How we ain’t agreeing?/Sensitive thugs need hugs is the game we in/But if we ain’t a team, I know it ain’t the green/Angled in any language you want it, mons ain’t a ting/Is this a cry for help, show us the pain you in/What’s in your cranium, fuck it let’s put the flame to aim/Then they’ll ask why I made him his most famous meme/I just tell ’em love makes you do the strangest things."

Above, you can check out a screenshot that ReDaKidProdigy took yesterday (July 25). Keep it locked to XXL for more news surrounding this situation.

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