Drake is gearing up to shut 2017 down!

We all know Drake dominated 2016 with nothing but bangers and it's looking like the most hated artist in the industry is coming for 2017 as well.

Over the weekend, Drake teased an event to follow up after the Houston Summer Sixteen tour titled "The Ballet," which ended up being a pop up dance club. Of course fans were stalking his social media to see if he would ever explain the background behind "The Ballet," and it look like our dreams came true when he took to IG Monday night to let us know that the pop up club was only the beginning.

If you are a true fan of Drake then you know this man is no stranger to strip clubs. Well according to his post Drake plans to bring amazing women to one spot, with good music and the Houston culture.

Here's the good thing about this...it's coming sooner then we think. With just a few months left of 2016 we can expect this new club in the early part of 2017.

Whose ready to turnup the real Texas way?

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