Rick Ross has been repping clothing brand DGK with the very shirt on his back as part of an endorsement deal, but the rapper has now filed a lawsuit against them. According to Ross, the checks have stopped coming in.

In March of 2015, Ross signed on to be the face of the brand's new Hustle Sport collection, and he's worn shirts and other garments from the company as part of his deal, which TMZ reports is supposed to yield him $10,000 a month plus another 7 percent of profits.

However, with the two year agreement not yet fulfilled, Rozay is taking legal action to obtain his proper remittance. Part of the problem, as Ross' suit details, is that DGK, which stands for Dirty Ghetto Kids, told the rapper they were out of funds in Nov. 2015 and have stopped paying him since. As a result, he is suing for $80,000 in back pay, and has presumably stopped wearing the brand altogether. The above photo dates back 11 months to approximately September, while the most recent instance of Ross wearing the brand on Instagram comes 27 weeks ago, or roughly close to the beginning of the year, when he posed alongside Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

Musically, Ross has been somewhat dormant since the release of his album Black Market in December of 2015, though he did release "Purple Lamborghini" with Skrillex and "Feel My Pain" wth The LOX earlier this month, and celebrated the 10th anniversary of his debut album Port of Miami with a concert his Florida hometown.

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