As if the nightclub drama and cases involving his ‘Marvin’s Room‘ ex weren’t enough, Drake is once again being dragged into another legal (half-Kosher?) pickle. The Canadian MC’s management company is the target of a lawsuit from a man who claims to have discovered the ‘Take Care’ rapper.

MTV reports that Jas Prince filed a total of 10 lawsuits in Manhattan Supreme Court against Drake’s management team (Aspire Music Group LLC), specifically against Drake’s manager, Cortez Bryant, Gerald Roberson and Derrick Lawrence, for breaches of contract and fiduciary duty. That basically means that Prince wants royalties for Drizzy’s work, and he hasn’t seen a dime yet.

Prince discovered the Toronto native formerly known as Aubrey Graham over MySpace. Prince then played Drake’s CD for none other than Lil Wayne. “One day while leavin the [mall], I just threw [Drake's] CD in and let it play,” Prince explained. “[Lil Wayne] was like, ‘Wait … who is this?’ and I was like, ‘Drake … the guy I been tellin’ you about.’ Wayne told me to book him on the next flight to Houston.”

From there on, Prince claims that Bryant promised him royalties from Drizzy’s work with Young Money, but that he hasn’t received any bank in over a year. What’s more, Prince also says that Drake is being ripped off by his management team, too — and says the ‘Motto’ MC is likely going to sue his manager and Aspire on his own.

While we’re sure Drake’s got enough (young) money to cover all of his legal battles, we gotta say — with all the litigation surrounding him, his attorneys may not agree that “the first million is the hardest.”

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