For their next album, boy band Mindless Behavior don’t want the “kid pass.”

Member Princeton acknowledged that critics often want slap the band with the “kid pass” label and be done with them, saying, “Every critic tries to give us the kid pass. Like, ‘Aw, this is the new kid group.’” But his bandmate Prodigy confirmed to that the group’s sophomore album won’t be able to be dismissed with that dreaded kid pass. They want to be recognized for their musical evolution.

“We’re not how we grew up saying [in falsetto voice] ‘Hey my girl, my girl…’ No. Our voices ain’t going to sound like that anymore; like Alvin and the Chipmunks,” he said.

“The second album is going show everyone that we’re not kids anymore,” Princeton concurred. “We’re teenagers. We’re a boy band, but we’re not kids.”

Point taken!

Expect some vocal maturity, too, since the boys that comprise Mindless Behavior are growing up and enduring normal physical changes of adolescences. ”It was so easy before,” Princeton said. “Like on stage it was, ‘What’s up ladies!’ [in falsetto voice]. Now it’s, ‘What’s up ladies!’ [in normal voice]. It’s a little scary.” Getting older always is scary, but Mindless can handle it.

The boys are in the studio right now, according to Roc Royal, 14. “Our manager, Walter, actually went back to L.A. to produce some more records for us. So, we’re about to come back out and record some more,” he revealed.

The boys also share a mantra with Justin Bieber, who insisted from the minute that he started promoting ‘Believe’ that his fans will grow with him, as opposed to outgrow him. “We have the best fans and the best part of our fans is, our fans are growing up with us too,” said Princeton. “What they’re doing, we’re doing and the music they’re listening to, we’re listening to. So we just hope our fans stay with us until we’re 50.”

Holla! Hear that Mindless, fans? The boys want you to stick with ‘em while they become men and through middle age.

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