The way the new Social Coffee Bar is constructed, you hope that no one drives their car into the main entrance.

The new bar located on south Elms Street at the site of the old Strip club CHIX has a street-side patio where people can sit outside and enjoy coffee, food, beer, wine, and pastries from their bakery.

The building is cool, the decor is dope, and their private karaoke room makes you totally forget what was once in that location!

According to Harry Santiago (a member of the management team of the bar), Tuesday night a motorist crashed their car into the entrance of Killeen's newest coffee bar.

(Photos courtesy of Harry Santiago.)




Santiago told me via Facebook that apparently some young kids driving hit a woman's car and she came through the front entrance.

Luckily no one was injured.

No word on whether the bar will remain open until repairs are done, but when you get a chance check them out! They're a great local business who could use our support.

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