Back on June 27 Francisco Erwin Galicia, an 18-year-old senior in high school born in Dallas, was traveling with his brother and friends for a soccer team tryout.

They were eventually stopped by border patrol and Galicia produced his Texas ID card.

Assuming his documents were fraudulent US customs and border protection took him into custody anyway.

According to the Dallas Morning News the ICE detainer locator system has Galicia in a South Texas facility and has him listed as born in Mexico.

Southern Border Facilities Overwhelmed As Influx Of Migrants Continues
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His brother Marlon who was also in the car stayed in the detention for two days after signing a voluntary deportation form and is now in Mexico.

His mother met with Customs and Border Protection officers last week and produced his birth certificate and other documents that would prove her son is a citizen but ICE officers still have not released him

She told the newspaper:

“I presented them with his original birth certificate and other documents and they ignored them. So now I’ve faxed over all the documents to the ICE agent handling the case,”. “He’s going on a full month of being wrongfully detained. He’s a U.S. citizen and he needs to be released now.”

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