The man in the photo above is a person of interest in a Rochester, New Hampshire trespassing case.

Why does that matter to you in Central Texas? It didn't until people noticed his striking resemblance to a young Eminem and flooded the Rochester, NH Police Department's Facebook post with comedy gold.

Below are just a few favorite we skimmed from he comments section. We're not sure how serious the trespassing charges against this guy are, but now he has one more reason not to want to get caught. Can you imagine being the Slim Shady of New Hampshire?

Then again, maybe it'd be a good thing. He could get a job as a Marshall Mathers body double or stand-in and finally live life free from the shackles of a life of crime. (Which, as far as we know, just involves walking around where he shouldn't.)

What do you think? Do you see the resemblance like these folks did?

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