Police in Pearland are searching for two guys who posed as masked DEA agents and tried to gain entry into a woman's home.

Pearland PD posted photos of the pair on their Facebook page. According to the post, the two showed up at the woman's home shortly after 7 PM on Tuesday, May 28, claimed to be DEA agents, and said they had a search warrant.

The resident threatened to call 911, so the guys turned tail and fled in an SUV.

Not exactly the response you'd expect from the Drug Enforcement Agency.

I hate to give any future scammers tips, but the periods between letters in the acronym was a dead giveaway, and why would DEA agents serving a warrant be wearing masks? Also, these agents would be in a marked vehicle and accompanied by local police.

Pearland is just south of Houston, but guys like this sometimes take their show on the road and I'd hate to see anyone around here get duped. There's no telling what these guys would have done if the homeowner had let them.

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