Two OG rappers from the early 2000's finally blessed us with new music!

I'm talking Fabolous and Jadakiss!

I know you're thinking it's crazy that I'm calling Jadakiss and Fabolous OG rappers but let's be real their seasoned at this point.

Two days ago I woke up thanking God for a new project that I could actually understand the lyrics and drop as captions.

If you are a real hip-hop head then you know it's hard to find real lyricist that could compete with Fab and Jada so this new project is like a blessing in disguise.

They blessed us with 'Friday On Elm Street' a 12 track album with nothing but straight fire!!!

It's a must-have!

You can cop the album on Apple Music or stream it from Youtube, either way, bless your ears with some heat!

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