Almost out of nowhere, Future has come through with a brand new album titled after himself.

The new project, which features 17 tracks, sees the DS2 artist provide bangers upon bangersand fans have had ton of great things to say about each and every one of them. But the question is, which song is the best? To find an answer, XXL asked fans for their picks, and you can see what they had to say in our gallery below.

For his part, Future wanted to get back to more of the underground sound he had earlier in his career. He said as much in a clip from a forthcoming interview with Zane Lowe. “I just feel like I want to go back to being a more underground [rapper],” Future says in the clip. “Just reconnecting with the fans, just more hands-on, being back with my fans.”

You can cop Future's new project on iTunes, and you can peep the tracklist just above the gallery.

Future’s FUTURE Tracklist

1. “Rent Money”
2. “Good Dope”
3. “Zoom”
4. “Draco”
5. “Super Trapper”
6. “POA”
7. “Mask Off”
8. “High Demand”
9. “Outta Time”
10. “Scrape”
11. “I’m So Groovy”
12. “Might as Well”
13. “Poppin Tags”
14. “Massage in My Room
15. “Flip”
16. “When I Was Broke”
17. “Feds Did a Sweep”

Fans Name Their Favorite Song Off Future’s New Self-Titled Album

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