In early June, the principal of Eastside Paterson High School in New Jersey was suspended for allowing Fetty Wap to shoot his "Wake Up" music video in the hallways and classrooms. On Wednesday night (June 15), Fetty spoke at a Paterson, NJ school board meeting to apologize for his actions.

The 25-year-old Paterson native was remorseful in his statement at the board meeting. "I want to apologize to Mr. Moody and to Paterson, 'cuz I didn't really think [the music video] was gonna be what it came to be, because all I did is what I know," Fetty says.

The "Wake Up" music video includes strippers in the cafeteria, 40s in the classroom and teachers smoking out of apple bongs. But the best part has to be a textbook on "Ancient Greek Thots." Fetty is open about his eye situation in the song, rapping about how doctors messed up an operation when he was six months old.

He spits, "I told moms I ain’t tripping over school cause I made it/Said, boy you got a son, supposed to be his inspiration//Put a milli in his bank account, don’t leave him, I was thinking/I’ll never do him wrong like they did the operation/Took the nigga's vision from him, was a mothafucking baby/Said a couple years later they could give him back to me/Technology is moving too slow, I’m waiting patiently/Shit, I don’t want it no more, this how I’m meant to be."

In music-related news, Fetty is prepping the release of RGF Island Vol. 1, a compilation album including 17 tracks from various artists from the RGF imprint.

View the brief clip of Fetty apologizing above courtesy of News 12 New Jersey and TMZ. Also, check out Fetty's Instagram video below, which asks fans to show up at the board meeting to provide support for the school principal. Keep it locked to XXL for more news and music from the Remy Boyz frontman.

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