When gas prices are under $2 the world is a better place.

I've seen a bunch of folks posting pictures their best price finds here in the area, the lowest I've seen for unleaded is $1.91 at an H-E-B in Killeen, so I decided to find the best price near the radio station.

According to GasBuddy the cheapest gas in Temple is at Buc-ee's for $1.95 per gallon. I hope the Buc-ee's folks don't read this, but I was surprised to find that they had affordable fuel, they of all people could get away it.

Retail store gas stations seem to have low prices, H-E-B, Walmart, Sam's Club, etc.

Share with us where you find the best prices. Heck, if the price is good enough I'll drive out of my way to purchase it from there, oh wait then I'm just wasting fuel, okay I'll rethink that.


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