How tired are you of folks saying everything is either the "first of the decade" or if it was a couple of weeks ago "oh yeah back in the last decade"? I'm getting very tired of it, but it's not stopping me from being just as guilty of using it.

Well, the first full moon of the decade will happen this week and it is a special one. Honestly, though, all full moons are "special" and won't happen again for another 20 or 77 years, but hey here is what this one is all about.

KRIS6 tells us that this Wolf Moon (the first full moon of the year) will coincide with a lunar eclipse. Meaning it will be darker than normal due to earth's shadow being cast upon it.

We won't have another lunar eclipse until November.

So there you have it. Tell your friends and family these moon facts, you're guaranteed to be considered super cool. Or they just won't care.


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