I've never been to New Orleans.

I have seen it all my life of course on TV and in movies, but I never got a chance to experience it myself until this weekend!

So as anxious as I am to try the food and drinks and experience "The Big Easy", I asked my trusty Facebook friends what spots I should hit up first, and here's what they told me:

So from what I gather, I'm going to walk and drink and walk and drink! lol...

Places named were:

- Morrow's

- Camellia's Grill

-Hob nobbers

- Cafe du Monde in the French Market

- Drago's

- Neyow's


- Frenchmen

- Ruby Slippers

- Garden City District

- Willie Mae's Scotch House

- The Parkway

- Acme Oyster House

- Oceana Grill

- The Galley

You can use this as a guide the next time you go!

Thank us later!

If you've got a recommendation, drop it in the survey box below. I'll check it over the weekend and see how many of the suggestions I can fit in. I want to be sure to get the full New Orleans experience, but if I don't fit it in this weekend, I can definitely keep your recommendations for later. I'm definitely going back soon.

Have you been to New Orleans? What are the essential spots and lesser-known gems? Let me know in the survey below.

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