A former teacher found to have recordings of a young girl changing in a bathroom has received what I'd consider a slap on the wrist.

Brandon Hamilton with our news partners at KWTX-TV reports that James Edward Alleman III was sentenced Wednesday to six years deferred adjudication probation. His conviction will not appear on his record if he successfully completes the term.

So, what did Alleman do?

Back in September of 2018, he accidentally screened pornography in a classroom, after which he was found to be in possession of four videos of a 10-year-old girl changing in a bathroom.

A student reported that Alleman played pornography on a classroom projector while setting up for a presentation. Alleman was suspended the same day, and all his work electronics and devices were turned over to police along with two storage devices found in his desk. Detectives discovered four videos of a 10-year-old girl changing clothes in the bathroom of a home Alleman and his wife had recently moved out of.

The girl was interviewed by the Child Advocacy Center of Central Texas. She identified herself as the child in the video and said she didn't know she'd been filmed or recognize the location.

Alleman was charged with possession of child pornography.

I can't wrap my mind around how someone in possession of hidden camera video of a child changing clothes can receive such a light sentence. Can any legal experts out there enlighten me? Are we serious about protecting and advocating for children or not?

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