A Fort Worth police officer involved in a highly questionable arrest has been suspended!

Credit: KCEN

A Fort Worth police officer who was caught on camera conducting a highly questionable arrest, has been suspended for 10 days without pay, according to KCEN. The incident happened after Jacqueline Craig called police to report that her son had been choked by a neighbor for allegedly littering. The officer, William Martin, questioned her parenting, instead of actually investigating the alleged choking. Ultimately, Craig and her two daughters were arrested.

After the video went viral and sparked outrage, the Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald and the department held a pre-disciplinary hearing that began Friday and ended Monday morning. Fitzgerald said, "Officer Martin was contrite, he's ready to get back to work, he is very sorry for what has transpired, but I challenged him as I've challenged many. And that was to get back into the neighborhood and to re-establish some of the relationships we feel were damaged by what we saw on that video."

The family and members of the community still feel that the officer should be fired. Do yo agree?

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