Attempting to pet two huskies, a 4-year-old boy got his arm bitten off!

A four-year-old boy was playing in his backyard wearing a sock on his hand when he reached under a solid vinyl fence to pet 2 dogs that were huskies.

According to the Layton fire department, one of the dogs bit the boy in the mid-forearm and ripped off the lower arm and hand.

Apparently, the dog ingested the boy's arm because animal control crews were not able to locate it.

The child is now recovering and is stable.

Huskies And Dog Sledders Train Ahead Of The GB Aviemore Sled Dog Rally This Weekend
Getty Images

Reportedly, both the dogs will be quarantined for 10 days to check for rabies.

A few things about this:

1) Where were the parents?

2) The fence is up for a reason so the dogs wouldn't harm anyone!

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