Six years or so into his mainstream career, Future finds himself deeply ingrained in the pop culture zeitgeist, and it doesn't look like he'll be removed anytime soon. Recently, the Atlanta artist unveiled his new emoji pack, and it's probably even cooler than you could have imagined. Peep the whole set in our gallery below.

The new emoji pack comes courtesy of Hendrix's new partnership with AppMoji, and features hilarious cartoon reimaginings of Future and his lyrics. One emoji features virtual Future sleeping in a bed-sized Gucci Flip Flop, referencing his infamous "Thought It Was a Drought" lyric. Another finds virtual Future flying down what appears to be a codeine water slide. Seriously.

Of course, no Future emoji pack would be complete without a bookbag and an accompanying Draco, both of which comprise the focus of Hendrix's song, "Draco." They literally thought of everything.

With Future essentially following in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian—who launched her own line of emojis in 2015—there's no telling how much bigger he can get. His unique style and quotable lyrics and phrases have been the subject of memes for years now, so the chance to send out pieces of his artistry out in day-to-day conversations is very likely something fans can't ignore. Check all of the hilarious emojis for yourself just below. 

Future's Emoji Pack

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