Future is one of the most stylish men on the planet. Well, according to GQ anyway. The Atlanta rapper joined 12 other stars for the magazine's May 2016 issue dedicated to the "Most Stylish Men Alive."

Future's hat game is something serious and the "Wicked" rapper was subsequently hailed "Lord of the Brims." According to GQ, Marc Williamson of Harlem's FlameKeepers Hat Club says that requests for the "Future hat" are pretty regular.

"They were definitely considered an old guy's hat until Future started wearing them," he explains in the article. "Now we get plenty of calls from guys wanting the 'Future hat.'"

Fittingly, Future's What a Time to Be Alive collaborator Drake was the other hip-hop star to make the issue's cut. Drizzy earned the title of "The Coziest Baller" (whatever that means).

Sadly, Kanye West and his Mad Max-inspired fashion line failed to make the magazine's list this year. You can read GQ's list of the "Most Stylish Men in the World Right Now" at GQ.com.