Things are getting nasty between Future and his former label boss Rocko.

In an Instagram post earlier today, Rocko seemed to be sincere when he posted the cover to Future's new HNDRXX album and said he'd always support the "Draco" MC despite the fact that Rocko's suing him for breach of contract. "ON SUM REAL SHIT HOMIE WORKS HARD & IS VERY TALENTED AND DESERVES ALL OF HIS SUCCESS! I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT MY BOY REGARDLESS!" wrote Rocko after Future took shots at him during a Twitter Q&A.

But Future didn't take kindly to the post, and in a since-deleted Instagram caption, he had some harsh words for the "Umma Do Me" rapper.

"U post it cause I'm the shit nigga... on gang tho!" wrote Future. "U gone die fake nigga! U embraced me as a brother at my worse & try to play me! Ain talk to u in years nigga! Ain't no nigga on earth gone take shit with consequences, judge or no judge nigga! U a con artist!"

You can read the entire post below. HNDRXX is dropping on Friday and you can peep the tracklist right here.

Their beef originates from the fact that Rocko originally signed Future to his A1 label before Pluto. Once Future started popping, however, he allegedly signed a deal with Epic and didn't cut Rocko a check. Over the weekend, rumors spread that Future owed Rocko all royalties from his next two albums and 50% of tour revenue for the next two years, but Rocko seemed to dismiss those reports.

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