You and a co-worker are cleaning up a highway for summer work and you find an envelope with money... are you going to turn it in?

Me? Honestly? Nah dog....that money is mine bro...

But if you find the money in a bible, will you take the money??


Kudos to these young men who did just that turned the money in.

KIII-TV reports that 20-year-old Austin Moya and 19 years old Trey Upton, two college students found a bible with $700 in an envelope while doing summer work for Refugio County.

Reportedly, when they found the bible and envelope it contained an envelope from her dad who recently passed away addressed to a woman named Sarah Martinez.

Martinez was very appreciative and thankful to the two young men who turned the envelope into authorities, who then tracked down Sarah on social media according to Commissioner Gary Bourland of the Refugio Sheriff's Department.

Martinez said she thought she would never see the Bible or the money again as she lost it from her car during a move.

There are still good people out here! Shout out to these young men!


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