Last summer in Chicago, I was at a take out/dine-in Chinese restaurant and just outside the entrance there was a less fortunate guy.


When I walked up, he asked me for money.


I then asked him what the money was for, and he replied 'for something to eat' so I bought him something to eat. 


I had some free time that day so I sat down and ate my food in the restaurant, and he sat 2 tables behind me.


Now that he had food to eat, he could sit down INSIDE the restaurant and enjoy the air conditioning.


Needless to say, he inhaled that food!


The whole orange chicken and rice dinner I bought for him, (that had a lot of

chicken rice and broccoli might I add) was gone in 5 minutes.


I seriously thought the guy was going to choke he was eating it so fast.  


Not only did he get a free meal he was able to cool off. 


After reading the Waco Police's facebook page, it made me think of my situation

from last summer.


Kudos to Jim Marsh, Director of Counseling Services At Baylor! 


You never know what may be little to you, may mean the world to someone.....