Great news for those who need money paying rent during the pandemic.

Last week Governor Greg Abbott announced $171 Million Dollars in funding for the Cares Act (Coronavirus, Aid, Relief, Economic Security).

According to a press release by the Governor's Office, this act is targeted for citizens of Texas to avoid eviction and catch up on missed rental payments.

Of the $171 million dollars, a little over $4.2 million would go to legal help for those who need counsel during this pandemic.

Included in this act is the creation of The Texas Eviction Diversion Program this will give the office of Court Administration the Supreme Court of Texas, The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs the ability to collaborate to help renters stay in their homes and avoid evictions.

Governor Abbott said:

"The Texas Eviction Diversion Program is crucial to our state's response to COVID-19, and it will help many families recover from the impact of the pandemic without the looming threat of eviction, this innovative partnership, coupled with the renter's assistance provided through CARES Act funding, will strengthen our economic recovery efforts and provide a lifeline to renters and property owners alike."


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