Governor Greg Abbott has been on a signing frenzy of late, this time adding his signature to Senate Bill 21.

Bill 21 will raise the legal smoking age in Texas to 21. This bill stops the sale of cigarettes as well as e-cigarettes to anyone under that age. Texas will become the 16th state to do so when the new law goes into effect later this year. House Bill 21 was brought to the Governor by Houston Senator Joan Huffman, and Richmond Representative John Zerwas. Lt. Governor Dan Patrick also had the bill on his to-do list.

The legal smoking age change will take place in September of this year. This age restriction will not apply to those enrolled in the military.

7.4% of High School students use cigarettes according to Texas21 Coalition. Over 10% use e-cigarettes. House Bill 21 was put together in an effort to reduce the rise in tobacco by young people.

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