Ahhh yes..it's mid-October.

Seems like the days are getting shorter by it getting darker earlier, and of course, it's getting colder and wetter!

There has been a flood warning for most of Central Texas and surrounding areas according to our news partner KWTX through 7 PM Thursday.


Brady Taylor,  KWTX reports


When will it leave?

Taylor also reported that by Thursday night the rain will dissipate, but not before the heaviest of the rain, Thursday morning.


And Here Comes The Cold

He also warned of a cold front approaching the area Friday with high winds and lows in the 40s by the end of the weekend.


What Happens Due To Flooding?

Beware, low water crossings, streams, and rivers may flood, also streams and creeks may rise.


Where Did The Rain Come From?

We are experiencing the heavy rain and moisture from the last effects of Hurricane Pamela that just hit Mazatlan, Mexico


Yes, fall is definitely here!



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