Am I late?

Went out because I had the late night munchies Tuesday night and noticed that H-E-B on Trimmier in Killeen now has self check-out.

In case you are wondering what I got, I grabbed one of those Texas shaped turkey and cheese plates, a bag of sea salt pistachios and a package of Oreo cookies.

Enough about me and more about the self-checkout.

Now, this may be the norm at the newer one on Stan Schlueter and Fort Hood/195 (I've never been to that one) or any other that you have visited in another city but I for some reason thought this was groundbreaking so I figured you fine folks should know.

This has been going on since last week Wednesday (the nice girl cleaning the new area told me that by the way)

And 10 items or less really means 10 items or less!

If you look closely you can see the pistachios and oreo bag and underneath the tip of the Texas shaped platter.

Did you think I was lying? lol..

Thank me later ....

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