Time flies, Wow!

Today would have been the Notorious B.I.G's 48th birthday.

So growing up and you may laugh at me, but my favorite rapper was Heavy D.

I wasn’t a street dude and I loved the fact that he was an "R&B Rapper" that catered to the ladies.

So when Biggie dropped I thought he was trying to be a dark-skinned Heavy D!

And though Notorious B.I.G.‘s music wasn’t all catered to the women, the music that did, rocked!

I am one of the people that will probably select Notorious B.I.G. over 2PAC in a battle.

Although 2Pac had more music, in my opinion, Big was more clever/creative with his rhymes.

Some of his unreleased music was released after his death, but his two monumental hip-hop albums were Ready To Die, and Life After Death.

That was all I needed.

His debut album, Ready To Die is when I first noticed him after the success of the "Juicy" single that album hit you with "Everyday Struggle" "One More Chance" "Warning". In my opinion, the album is a nonstop listen, from beginning to end.

Weeks later his second album "Life After Death" dropped posthumously and that album spun out hits like "Hypnotize" "The World is Filled" "Another"  featuring Lil Kim, "Mo Money Mo Problems" and many more.

It’s a shame he wasn’t able to live out his full potential because I saw movies, his own record label, a clothing line and everything Jay Z is today!

Today in the 4 o’clock hour I will play four of my favorite B.I.G. jams, make sure you tune in!



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