It really seems like 2019 has been the year of the twerk with the popularity of Cardi B and the City Girls and now Megan Thee Stallion all who seem to have had some type a stripper past.

Twerking has taken over on Instagram and a few months ago weeks ago a female that I follow posted a twerk video.

Nothing out of the ordinary just another chick twerking I thought, (Most women I follow twerk on the gram anyway lol)

But then I noticed the next few days she kept twerking and then getting other people to twerk and then she started twerking at different places in Killeen and I thought it was pretty funny!

She was posting  with the hashtag #ThrowthatassTuesday

So I slid in her DM and asked her a few questions:


Tell me about yourself:

I’m 29 from Killeen, Texas I was born I Dallas Texas and moved to Killeen from Puerto Rico at 4.

Most women twerk for different reasons, Why do you?

I twerk because it’s a way for me to release any negative energy.

What are the requirements of twerking?

There aren’t any requirements to twerking but I will say have fun while doing it confidence while doing it and just live your life lol!

What made you think of throw that a--s Tuesday?

Honestly, I’ve had a lot of people trying to tear me down, just a lot of negativity coming my way so as I said before twerking is my release and even before I decided to do throw a-- Tuesday I enjoyed twerking in the privacy of my room.

Name places in Killeen you’ve twerked at and where would you like to twerk?

I’ve twerked at Marlboro park, long branch park plant x smoke shop. The Star Mart on Rancier, the H-E-B gas station on Trimmier or sometimes when I running errands on Tuesday, I’ll just hop out my car at a stop sign and throw a--! 

There may be people with negative opinions about females who tho that a-- in a circle, what do you say to those people?

People are entitled to their opinion whether good or bad I’ll never let one hater stop sh--! #yaniyan

Now to see her in action at various spots in Killeen:

Here she is at a random stop sign in Killeen..

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Guess what day tomorrow is!!!!!! ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️ #yaniyan #yababydaddyfavorite #TTAT #TAT

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Here she is twerking randomly at Walmart:

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At the park!

I think you get the message for more videos go to her page on IG!

And be on the lookout for Yani Yan the Killeen Twerker! LOL!


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