R-Dub host of Slow JAMS and Sunday Night Slow Jams heard on B106 Monday - Thursday at 10 pm and Sundays from 9p to 1 am is saving lives in Uganda.

This morning he began a campaign to bring clean water to the Aminit Border Village of rural Uganda.

His new "Slow Jams" well will provide clean water to at least five surrounding villages that currently have no access to safe water. He wants to SAVE LIVES through the power of radio.

From his website:

AMINIT BORDER VILLAGE is located in northeastern Uganda, Bukedea District, in the sub-county of Bukedea. The inhabitants of this village are known as the Iteso people, who speak the Ateso language. It is believed that they migrated from Djibouti through Ethiopia to Sudan. It is here they divided into groups then traversed in different directions across East Africa. Traditionally they are known to be pastoralist who migrated in search of green pastures for their livestock.

The original water source that serves this community is a contaminated open pond located 3km from the village known as Rose’s Open Pond.

Nearly 20 years ago, Rose, now a mother of eight children, set out to dig her family a pit latrine. Due to down warping, she changed the site and left this pit as a water source. The only water those of Aminit village and the surrounding communities are able to access is the contaminated water from Rose’s Open Pond.

During the rainy season, debris and contaminants are washed into the pond. Urine and fecal matter are mixed into this water, as animals share this same water source. As you can imagine, the water these people must use to survive is unsuitable for any human to consume.

As the water is depleted during the dry season, the people must journey even farther for their families’ water needs. The dangers they must endure, living without access to safe and clean water, are numerous. Up until now, there have been no other options but to continue to draw water from these dangerous and contaminated water sources. Thankfully, through your commitment and love, life-saving water is coming to their village.

Through your gift, hope is being restored as dignity, health, joy, and love flow out of your generosity and into the life of every man, woman, and child living in Aminit border village. In addition, the well will be open to the surrounding villages of Okumu, Ajelel, and Kibira. Thanks to you, they too will reap the many benefits of safe and clean water.

Watch the video:

If you would like to donate anything from $1 to $100 to help these people in need go here.

Last year R- Dub did the same type of campaign for a village in NYAKOI AKUORO that was successful:


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