I can't lie: I love writing these stories that feature houses in Central Texas.

One of the reasons is for me to look at the beautiful houses, and then to show them to you! The other reason is that I'm nosy and I love looking around inside these nice places. I can't be alone on that, right? We all see a cool house once in a while and think to ourselves that we'd love to look around in there.

Well, thanks to Zillow and other real estate sites, you can take a tour of just about any house up for sale without having to change out of your pajama pants.

If you drive around Temple, you can see a lot of nice homes to pique your curiosity, and when you do research on them, they aren't really that expensive. (Of course, it depends on the size, how many rooms you'll need, etc). It's very much a seller's market right now, as I'm sure you know if you've been looking for a place of your own. Still, Temple's a relatively inexpensive place to put down roots, so it doesn't hurt to look around and either snag yourself a hot property now, or just get an idea of what's out there.

Perhaps you just so happen to be looking to buy a home in Temple. Even if you are not and your budget doesn't approve, it's still good to look around, right?

Let's check out 5 really cool houses available in Temple.

Here Are A Few Temple, Texas Homes On The Market You'll Like

Perhaps you are looking for a new home in Temple, Texas Even if your budget doesn't approve it's still good to look around right? Let's check out 5 really cool houses available in Temple, Texas 

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I was on Airbnb's website last week booking a place for relatives who are coming to visit and ran across a few really cool spots in Temple, Belton, Killeen, and Salado.

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