Today is the first day of the Heart O' Texas Fair, but with the Las Vegas tragedy fresh on our minds and hearts, it's inevitable that we worry about being safe among large groups of people! Here's what to expect from security at the HOT! The Fair will is located at 4601 Bosque Boulevard in Waco. It starts today, October 5th and runs through October 14th.

According to the Fair's website, here are the security policies and procedures:

Public Parking Procedure
In order to expedite the parking process, patrons will now enter the public parking lot by heading northwest on New Road, then turning west on Colcord and next making a left on North 42nd Street to access the parking lot (see attached map). This will assist with traffic flow and pedestrian safety. There will be signs along Bosque Boulevard to provide direction for parking.

Gate and Security Policies
We want our guests to have a great time at the Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo. We want to do everything we can to make your experience a safe and positive one. We also expect you to respect our home.

Guests to Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo should be mindful of the following:

All guests entering will be subject to a metal detection wand and bag check in an effort to ensure the safety of those attending the Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo at the Extraco Events Center.

As a private entity and property policy, weapons (guns, etc.) and sharp metal objects, such as large knives, swords, scissors and the like with blades over five and one-half inches, are not allowed. Pocket knives will be permitted if the total length of the blade does not exceed five and one-half inches.

No liquids can be brought on the grounds except for baby formula or those items deemed necessary by security at the gate. No alcohol can be brought onto the grounds.

Pursuant to the laws of the State of Texas which preclude open and concealed handguns and knives with blades over five and one-half inches from "premises where a high school, collegiate or professional sporting event or interscholastic event is taking place" and the right of a private entity to prohibit open and concealed handguns and weapons on its property, all handguns and knives with blades measuring over five and one-half inches are precluded from all Extraco Events Center property.

Protesters/Demonstrations Policy

Protesting and demonstrating on the grounds is not allowed at any time. Picketing is not allowed. No signs or messaging that may be deemed offensive is allowed on the grounds. This includes clothing that has offensive messaging is not allowed. Persons found in violation of this policy will be subject to removal from the grounds, arrest and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

A designated area will be determined prior to each event to allow for freedom of speech. This area will be in public place on the side walk of the grounds. Persons in this area will be required to stay in the designated area. If a person leaves the area while protesting/demonstrating the person is subject to immediate removal from the grounds and arrest.

The Heart O’ Texas Fair, Inc. Board of Directors operates the Heart O’ Texas Fairgrounds (known as the Extraco Events Center) under a lease from the McLennan County Commissioners Court. This lease allows the private entity Heart O’ Texas Fair, Inc. Board to operate independent from the Commissioners Court and to exercise full control of the activities and policy on the property. The Heart O’ Texas Fair, Inc. is an IRS 501C (3) private non-profit corporation governed by a voluntary, elected board of directors in accordance with its bylaws.

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