There was a time in my life when I didn't like and was naturally scared of dogs.

Years ago, my brother was bitten in the head by a dog trying to save my other brother from being attacked, so growing up knowing this, I was always reluctant.

Until I moved to Texas.

Everybody owns a dog!

We all love our furry little friends who tend to be our companions, life partners, and, as the saying goes, "man's best friend."

Honestly, I never knew how important dogs were to people until I moved here, so I get it.

And now, believe it or not, I actually love them!

This is why this story got my attention and I'm passing it along.

Don't Leave Your Dog Unattended

For years dog owners have done this, but starting January 18th, a new law states that here in Texas if your dog is left outside, it cannot be restrained with a chain or by anything with weights attached. So if you have to leave your dog at home for a period of time, you can't have it chained up.

We Don't Want Dogs To Choke

The law states a dog's collar should properly fit around the dog's neck, shouldn't impede the dog's breathing and swallowing, and doesn't cause any pain. 

If You Must Restrain The Dog

The new law, according to FOX 26 says that the restraint must be 5 times the length of the dog or ten feet.

The Dog's House Has To Be Decked Out

To prevent dogs from being in bad weather, the law also states that it must have a "sturdy structure" with enough room to allow the dog to stand up, sit, and lie down.

The structure must also protect the dog from rain, snow, high winds, extreme low or high temperatures, and other inclement weather conditions.

I think this is a great thing for our furry friends!

Here Are 6 Memorable Moments That Happened In 2021 In Killeen, Texas

Well, here we are. We have just two weeks left of the year 2021. 
What a year! 

From the deep freeze we experienced in February to someone constantly hitting the Killeen sign, to the recent "massacre at Zaxby's" LOL.... these are 6 memorable moments that happened in Killeen Texas in 2021. 

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5 Sweet Bakeries To Check Out In Killeen, Texas

We all get a sweet tooth every now and then right?

But what do we do when it happens?

Do you go to the kitchen and bake a cake? Maybe hook up some cupcakes?
Cookies? perhaps?

Or do you visit the grocery store or your favorite bakery?

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In the meantime check out these 5 bakeries in Killeen:

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