So on the way to the laundry area in my complex the other day, I randomly saw a dog fight ....this is why I have always felt a certain way about dog owners that have dogs that are bigger than them!!!

I'm walking with my laundry basket, I gave a black man head bob to this cocky swole dude walking with an equally cocky swole pitbull. Similar to this cute lil feller!

Crufts Dog Show 2016 - Final Day
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The other dog owner was a jolly fat guy with a potbelly standing with his dog at the dogwalk/poop area, his dog, a pretty white husky with hazel eyes, similar to this guy.

'Baltic Lights' Charity Event
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So I walk in the laundry spot to put my clothes in the dryer...

Seconds later, I hear dogs screaming (husky's sound wayyy different than normal dogs)

The husky has half the head of the pit bull in his mouth!!!!!

At this point both the owners are doing their best to pull the dogs apart up with their leashes.

Now people have ran in the house to go get buckets of water to throw at the dogs to break them up, meanwhile the Husky is screaming as loud as ever but he's actually winning the fight!!

The pitbull was silent.

After minutes of screaming and people panicking (and me walking toward my house but away from the dog fight simultaneously) they finally break the dogs up only to see that now the pretty white dog is drenched in blood. The dog was red/ pink.

One of the dog owners looked to sustain a minor injury while breaking up the fight, but they did and the dogs both survived.

I'm not a dog owner but I see how people love their dogs here in Texas, I think more apartment complexes and public places should be more mindful about that.

I do think it ultimately lies on the dog owner, but if your dog is stronger than you, what do you do when an instance like this occurs?

That's why I rock with cats bro....

R.I.P. Snapper (1987-2002)

Snapper was Trey's cat's growing up, who succumbed to kidney failure in 2002. 

Scenes from Turkey
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By the way this isn't Snapper, I just thought the cat was cute.

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