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This is what you got you blacklisted in the first place, Monique.

Let's go back to 2010:

As I watched this, and the great Robin Williams said her name, (that being sad as well god bless him) I shed a thug tear. This was a great moment for her, for comedy, and for African Americans.

But shortly thereafter it got ugly.

It was reported that Monique was blackballed by the Hollywood Community because she and her husband were "difficult to work with" and because she asked to get paid to appear at events, that actors traditionally don't get paid to show up for.

Fast Forward 7 years later.

Monique has not seen the same success a normal actor sees after winning an Academy Award.

So she definitely has been blacklisted in Hollywood.

Say, you were an actor and knew you could make millions in endorsements, movies, plays, tv shows, etc for years to come.

Add to that there was a negative opinion out there about you that spread and affected your income.

What do you do?

You lay low, let the people love you again until you get that second chance right?

Wrong...  not in Monique's case.

She announced online that she was offered a Netflix Comedy Special for $500,000.

Much less than Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, or Amy Schumer who was offered more than $10 million each.

Now she wants us to boycott Netflix?!?!

Netflix is one of, if not THE MOST dominating streaming services out today that filmmakers and producers are taking advantage of and cashing out from ....and you want it boycotted??


Monique, now you got another 5-6 years of being quiet and shutting up before they start taking you seriously again if at that point it's even worth it anymore.

I took a poll on my facebook page feel free to comment if you like I made the post public.

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