A student in Illinois has received a six-day suspension and a year-long activities ban after quoting Future's "Draco" lyrics inside his high school.

According to a report from ABC affiliate Heart of Illinois, Brandon Porter, the father of a Washington Community High School student, says his son was at school when he was heading toward the bus, singing Future's "Draco." His son apparently misquoted the lyrics by singing "AK season with the bookbag," instead of citing the original word "Draco," which he replaced with "AK." Porter claims his son exited one hallway and entered another when a female student overheard the lyrics, felt threatened and reported the child.

“He was leaving class headed to the bus…they came out of one hallway, into another hallway, they all met, leaving going towards the bus…he was singing the song and she felt threatened by the song apparently, but she kept walking towards the bus or whatnot,” the father claims.

The student's report led to a police interview and investigation. Officers subsequently turned over the investigation to school officials, which resulted in the student's three-day in-school suspension and three-day out of school suspension and a ban from participating in after-school programs for the rest of the year.

Porter insists that his son did nothing wrong and that his punishment is unreasonable. “At this point, it's her word over his," Porter said. "Since when is her word more credible than his? He didn’t threaten her. What witness does she have? It’s not fair. It’s not fair to us. It’s not fair to him.”

HOIABC reached out to the school district for comment and they maintain that district policy classifies this situation as harassment and that his punishment is the appropriate action.

This report comes two days after a University of South Alabama student was charged for making terroristic threats with lyrics from Tyler, The Creator’s track “Radicals,” from his 2011 album, Goblin.

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