According to google, Hip Hop turns 44 today!

This was the first flyer for a rap party.

August 11th, 1973 in the Bronx at 1520 Sedgewick Ave in New York was the first ever "rap" party thrown by KOOL DJ HERC as you can see it only cost 50 cents for men 25 cents for the women to get in lol!

The Back to School Party party had him djing using two turntables, extending the instrumental breaks so people could dance introducing "Break Dancing"

During the party someone had to talk over the records right?

That was the birth of the "MC" who also implemented rhyming over the beat to keep the party going. Hip hop was born and as you can see the rest is history!

(Doesn't that sound familiar on how things are done today??)

Parties just aren't 50 cents anymore lol!

Today, Google has a cool game on how to Dj and showcases the history of hip hop!

At 4 pm today I will be playing hip hop classics to commemorate the 44th anniversary of Hip Hop!


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