Today I had the pleasure of hanging out at Familia Ink Tattoos located at 800 W Rancier, Suite 300 in Killeen, for a community fundraiser today.

The inspiration behind the event and to donate to The Bell County Crime Victim Coalition, came behind the loss a tattoo artist's son who works at Familia Ink Tattoos.

Tubby, lost his son to a senseless act of violence a few years back.

The event had face painting free food and other activities..

Soooooo no one told me there was going to be a Hot Dog eating contest, so after I saw what all the commotion was about, I did what everyone else did....pull out the camera phone!!!

Turns out the winner took home $200 but he paid the price, (I think he got sick) so he got his money and left! LOL..

Familia Ink Tattoos is located at 800 W Rancier, Suite 300 in Killeen!

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