As you know today is Halloween eve, eve, one of the most magical holidays of all and apparently, it's also 'National Cat Day'.

I know what you're thinking "It was just national cat day!", okay you're probably not thinking that, but I was, I wrote a little article about not being a cat guy back in August. BUT August 8th is international cat day and today is just NATIONAL cat day.

Big difference. Check out the earlier article here. (Same picture of me with my sister's cat, I'm limited on my feline pics).

According to National Day Calander, today is the "purrfect" day to give extra attention to your feline friends. Not that they would care.

Hey, I think I've made leaps and bounds of being more of a cat person since that last holiday. I pet em and you know, don't mind em, I'm not gonna own one, but hey I kinda like them a little more.

Here's a thing too, people always talk about "crazy cat ladies" and all, but my opinion is about 47% of dog owners are a little insane. I mean there's "dog moms" who buy sweaters, make out with their pup, it's a little weird.

My point is everyone is a little crazy, it's fine. So just be kind to your pets. Heck, go out and adopt one. Just don't be annoying and constantly talk about how you "rescued" it.




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